Current Graduate Students

       Ph.D. Graduate Students
Carolina Chiale Ferreira 2015 - Present  
Hometown: Montevideo, Uruguay
Prior Institutions: M.S., University of the Republic
Montevideo, Uruguay
Mentor: Thomas D. Friedrich, Ph.D.
Kristen Holland 2013 - Present  
Hometown: Union, NJ
Prior Institutions: B.S., Biology; Ramapo College, New Jersey
Project: "Engineering a Protective Vaccine Against Francisella tularensis"
Mentor: Karsten R. O. Hazlett, Ph.D.
Nicole (Johnson) Nelson 2011 - Present  
Hometown: Little Meadows, PA
Prior Institutions: BS, Biology, Ithaca College
Project: "Use of Fc Receptor Targeting in a DNA Prime-Fusion Protein Boost Strategy for Vaccination Against Mucosal Pathogens" 
Mentor: Edmund J. Gosselin, Ph.D.
Samira Mansouri 2012 - Present  
Hometown: Albany, New York
Prior Institutions: B.S., Siena College
Project: "A Novel Ubiquitin Ligase With a Role in Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis Severity Through Th17 Cells"
Mentor: Lei Jin, Ph.D.
Andrea Marias Furuya 2010 - Present  
Hometown: Queens, New York
Prior Institutions: B.S., Hunter College
Project: "The Impact of the Interplay of HIV1 Vpr with Host Proteins on Viral Functions"
Mentor: Carlos de Noronha, Sc.D.
Abhinit Nagar 2013 - Present  
Hometown: Howrah, India
Prior Institutions:

M.S., Microbiology, Banaras Hindu University

B.S., Microbiology, University of Calcutta
Project: "Regulation of NLRP3 Inflammasome Function"
Mentor: Jonathan A. Harton, Ph.D.
Jesse Rabinowitz 2014 - Present  
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Prior Institutions: Brooklyn College
Project: "Investigating the Antiviral State Induced by the Upregulation of Nrf2 during HIV Infection within Human Monocytic Cells"
Mentor: Carlos de Noronha, Sc.D.
Alicia Soucy 2012 - Present  
Hometown: Bristol, Connecticut
Prior Institutions: B.S., Siena College
Project: "Immune Protection Against Pulmonary F. tularensis Infection"
Mentor: Dennis W. Metzger, Ph.D.
Don Steiner 2010 - Present  
Hometown: Elmhurst, Illinois
Prior Institutions: B.S., Elmhurst College
Project: "The Role of Innate Immunity in Francisella tularensis Infection"
Mentor: Dennis W. Metzger, Ph.D.
     Don Steiner 2
Travis Walrath 2012 - Present  
Hometown: Cooperstown, New York
Prior Institutions: B.S., Clarkson University
Project: "Antagonistic Effects of IBD-associated Cytokines at the Colonic Mucosa"
Mentor: William O'Connor, Jr., Ph.D.
Tiffany Zarrella 2012 - Present  
Hometown: Nashua, New Hampshire
Prior Institutions: B.S., Syracuse University
Project: "Coordinated Regulation of the Pneumococcal TrK-family Proteins by Cyclic di-AMP"
Mentor: Guangchun Bai, M.D., Ph.D.

  M.S. Graduate Students
Angelica Costello 2014 - Present  
Hometown: Ravena, New York
Prior Institutions: Russell Sage
Project: "The Role of Resident
Macrophages in Regulating HSC Function
Mentor: Kate C. MacNamara, Ph.D.
     Angelica Costello