Immediate Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedure

Emergency Notification and Response
Albany Medical Center employs an Incident Command System (ICS) to confirm that there is a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of patients, students, or employees occurring on the campus. The Incident Command Center determines the appropriate segment(s) of Albany Medical Center to receive a notification and to initiate the notification system.

Depending on the nature of the event, a warning may be issued from the Incident Command Center alerting of a specific "code" such as a Code Red (Fire), Code D (Disaster), and/or a Code Orange (lock down of facility). These warnings and subsequent information and instruction would be communicated on any of the following vehicles as appropriate:

  • The internal over head communication system.
  • Sounding of fire alarms (in cases of Code Red)
  • The Center Wide Mass Emergency Notification system.
  • Albany Medical Center Intranet – An emergency message will be posted as a "red alert" to appear on every page of the intranet with a link to detailed information and instruction.
  • E-Mail Messenger: Incident information will be sent via Microsoft Outlook
  • Public site:
  • Albany Medical Center Hotline: (518) 262-8888
  • Media outlets

In the event an emergency affects the Medical College, the Albany Medical College Dean’s Office acts to support the Center Incident Command System.  Specifically designated College administrators* meet in the Dean’s Office to access the emergency and dispatch an administrator to the Center Incident Command Center.  This administrator is charged with supporting the ICS as well as communication with the Dean’s Office.

* The specifically designated College administrators include: the Dean and Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, Vice Dean for Academic Administration, Executive Associate Dean and Chief Operating Officer, Executive Associate Dean, Assistant Vice President for College Operations, an education point of contact person, and a research point of contact person.

Evacuation Procedures for Albany Medical College
An evacuation will be initiated by the calling of a Code Red (fire) or Code D (result of flooding, loss of HVAC, etc.).

Once a Code Red has been activated, a previously established evacuation plan will be implemented.  Customized evacuation plans have been prepared and posted on each floor of College buildings.

It will be the responsibility of pre-assigned "Floor Delegates" to insure that their assigned floors are evacuated in a timely manner.  College staff and students will evacuate to a previously established meeting place. 

Conference rooms and auditoriums will be checked to insure evacuation of all occupants.

Subsequent to the evacuation, the Floor Delegate will account for students and/or staff on their floor and advise the On Scene Commanders.

If help is needed to complete the evacuation, the Floor Delegate will evacuate to the designated meeting place and notify the On Scene Commanders of their particular situation.  The On Scene Commanders will notify Security and/or Environmental Health and Safety staff of the requested assistance.

Testing Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures
Testing occurs on an annual basis. Text pagers issued to Floor Delegates are tested on a monthly basis. Any problems are referred to AMC Telecommunications for correction.

The evacuation procedures are tested by Fire Drill type evacuations a minimum of four times per year.  Problems are identified and corrections made.

The Albany Medical Center has procedures in place to test the Center Mass Notification System and the Code Orange System.