About Security Services

Security Services responds to all emergency response alarms, duress calls, disturbances, fire, floods, hazardous spills, bomb threats, elevator entrapments, suspicious persons, utility failures and internal/external disasters. Members of the Security staff also provide assistance in medical situations such as Code Gray and Code Blue (providing ancillary assistance, crowd control, and assisting transport functions).

Additionally, the officers of Security Services provide investigative functions such as interviewing, gathering and retrieving evidence, detaining and interrogating suspects, placing suspects under arrest, presenting evidence and testifying in court on criminal matters and acting as a liaison with public law enforcement agencies.

Additional Support Services Include:

  • Security Escorts
  • Motor Vehicle Patrol
  • Workplace Violence
  • Domestic Violence / Court Assistance
  • Threat Assessment
  • Annoying / Harassing Phone Calls
  • Security Systems

Security Escorts
Walking alone can be an uncomfortable experience at certain times. Security staff will provide a security escort for employees, patients or visitors who need an escort to the garages, lots and streets surrounding the hospital perimeter. Depending on the level of activity at the time, you may have to wait a short period of time.
If you would like an escort, please call Security at (23777).

Motor Vehicle Patrol 
Security officers who are assigned to the motor vehicle patrol conduct continuous patrol of garages, exterior buildings and property, and the surrounding area of the hospital. The officer assigned to this function can assist motorists who need motor vehicle assistance if they have locked their keys in the car, need a jump start, or need assistance finding their vehicle. The officer will provide escorts to parking facilities as well as to vehicles that are parked on public streets surrounding AMC.

Workplace Violence
Workplace violence training, consultation and assessment for managers and supervisors, investigation of actual events and victims' assistance services are available. All incidents of workplace violence to include any incident that causes a person to feel unsafe or uncomfortable in the workplace must be reported. All incidents and complaints are thoroughly investigated and all possible assistance is given to area management and Human Resources to resolve these situations.

Domestic Violence/Court Assistance
In coordination with the Employee Assistance Program, Security Services will assist employees of AMC with obtaining Orders of Protection. Security Services  will escort and assist the victim in obtaining an Order of Protection in the appropriate court. A copy of the Order of Protection and a photo of the defendant will remain on file with Security Services to ensure the victim's safety. Any violation of the Order will result in an arrest or the filing of a criminal complaint.  Security Services will assist the victim with implementing appropriate security measures.

Threat Assessment
Threat assessments are another service provided by Security Services. Once a credible threat has been established, Security Services will contact the appropriate law enforcement agency and assist them in determining the risk potential. Customized security measures are implemented at the work place, such as change of locks, parking arrangements, and escorts. When appropriate, the Security Services will contact the perpetrator and they will be advised that criminal charges may be filed and a no trespass order for AMC property will be issued.

Annoying/ Harassing Phone Calls
Security Services will first attempt to identify the caller. Once identification is made, a risk assessment of the perpetrator will be conducted. Security Services will either directly confront the perpetrator or, when necessary, will coordinate with other law enforcement agencies to pursue criminal charges. As per threats, appropriate security measures will be implemented.

Security Systems
The Security Services provides assessment, consultation, design, engineering and installation of security systems for the AMC community. Security Services provides the technology for the institution's security systems i.e.: integrated access control system, panic/emergency buttons, closed circuit television cameras, and voice/video intercom systems. These systems are designed to meet the security needs of the customer and should decrease vulnerabilities, liability and loss for the organization. These sophisticated systems allow greater protection and flexibility for individual departments to safeguard their assets.