Consultation Request

When to Request an Ethics Consultation
Patients, families, and healthcare providers are encouraged to request the assistance of an ethics consultant when there is conflict, when ethical questions arise, or when support is needed in making difficult decisions.

What Can You Expect?
Typically, the Consultation Service responds to a request within 24 hours (time-sensitive situations will receive immediate attention). If someone other than the patient initiates the request, the patient and the attending physician are notified.

Frequently a family meeting is held to clarify concerns, questions, or goals of care.

To Request Assistance or Information
To request an ethics consultant (or more information about the Consultation Service), contact the Ethics Consultation Service directly by calling the operator (518-262-3125). More information about the Ethics Consultation Service is available in a brochure [PDF download] about ethics consultation at Albany Medical Center.

For more information about the Ethics Consultation Service, or to request a consult, please contact the Albany Medical Center Operator at (518) 262-3125 and the on-call consultant will be paged.