Patient Safety and Clinical Competency Center

Patient Safety and Clinical Competency Center
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Albany Medical College’s Patient Safety and Clinical Competency Center (PSCCC) houses an incredible collection of simulation and clinical training resources to educate students and other health care workers. This 12,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility is a critical component of Albany Med’s commitment to the highest standards of patient safety, while serving as a resource for the college, the hospital and the region as a whole.

Using very lifelike mannequins and other cutting-edge training tools, as well as role playing with trained actors to simulate patient exams and consultations, students are able to practice hands-on medicine in a safe and realistic medical setting before treating patients. The PSCCC allows students to develop excellent diagnostic and clinical skills and patient care practices, all with supervision and mentoring from our outstanding faculty.



Introducing students to these immersive simulated medical scenarios early in their education reinforces what they learn in the classroom and provides solid preparation for clinical practice. Students learn to navigate triage, bedside care, and problem-solving in an environment that requires adaptability and quick thinking. And the Center helps cultivate communication skills, leadership, and, most important, the ability to work effectively on a multidisciplinary medical team.

The PSCCC is also designed to support the entire hospital enterprise, with innovative simulations for human resources, security, and other staff. And the Center is available to medical professionals from across the region for clinical competency assessment, and to smaller regional hospitals and emergency response units, an expression of Albany Medical Center’s deep commitment to serving the larger community.

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